Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Monday...

Here it is another Monday, with another week gone by in a blur. I do have some new pictures for you to see, and wanted to do that yesterday, but the day got away from me without the pics getting uploaded. Today, Mina has D.A.R.E. graduation this afternoon, and we have Girl Scouts tonight. Speaking of GS, Chris received an award for Outstanding Volunteer in Kearney on Saturday at the final annual meeting for the Goldenrod Council. Starting May 1st, the entire state of NE will be one council named the Spirit of Nebraska Council. A great many changes will take place, but the most important thing is that we still spend time with the girls making a difference (even if we don't see it) in their lives. On the beading front, I am currently working on the Ndebele bracelet kit I bought from Glass Garden a few weeks back, and I do have quite a bit done without tearing it out once last night! The first time I worked on it, I took it apart 7 times before giving up and calling about the instructions. Turned out my instruction sheet was wrong! So I just ignored that wrong bit, and it went well. Anyway, new pics soon, and enjoy the beautiful weather if you live in Nebraska, we've earned it!

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