Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Topical Tuesday

We haven't had a topical Tuesday for awhile, so how about a favorite Christmas memory? Can you believe Christmas is a week from today? One of my favorite Christmas memories is the year my Mom made me a whole Barbie suitcase of Ken & Barbie clothes. It was so amazing, and I still have them! We grew up without a lot of money and Mom always worked hard to make Christmas good for us. The clothes were so awesome, first because of the matching outfits and details she put into the clothes (ex. satin stripe on the pants of the tuxedo), and secondly the time and love she put into them (I have made baby doll clothes for my niece and would not make Barbie clothes!). That was also the year I got my Barbie swimming pool/cabana set. Everything you need for a pool party, grill, cooler, cabana to change in, table & chairs, was included even the tools to clean the pool and a privacy fence! Another year, Mark (my brother) and I got 10 speed bikes and Mom & Dad wrapped a picture from the catalog in a little bitty box, put it inside a giant cup box and then wrapped it up! We about died that year waiting for Christmas, and it was even nice enough on Christmas Day to ride them! Another memory, is the year I got chicken pox right before Christmas break started. Mom still has a picture of me in my new Christmas dress with spots all over my face. (Mark got them during Christmas break and didn't miss any school! I got off a couple days with mine!) The best Christmas of recent memory was the year we found out we were expecting Mina just before my birthday in November. We were so happy and stunned that I was finally pregnant, it had taken quite awhile and medical intervention to happen. We got our ultrasound of our "baby bean" just before Christmas, and that was how we told people that we were expecting. Unfortunately, we left our gifts at home and they had to be mailed that year and the morning (spelled all day) sickness started with a french toast incident just before Christmas and lasted until I was in labor! If you have a memory and want to share it, I would love that! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy mine. If time permits, I will get new bead pictures up today and give you a break from just my rambling!

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