Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finally, New Pictures

These are a new series of beads Chris has been making. They are so beautiful!

This beautiful bead was made by Chris and we made it into a pendant and it was sold at the craft fair last Saturday in Blue Hill. It is part of a new series of beads he is making.

This little guy was made by my talented husband. The horned catapillar is about 1/2" long. The red dot is supposed to be lips, but I think he looks like he is singing opera with a bow tie on


Carla said...

I'm hearing the catepillar singing " la la la la la la la" Beautiful beads!

Brenda said...

Both of those are really cool. Gosh, he caught on fast to making them. I was able to purchase one of your blue/white flower beads at Carla's and it's ALL MINE as a pendant with sterling wire and seed beads. Haven't make it yet, but it's in my head. When it's finished I'll let you see with a pic. :)

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thanks guys! He has a great talent, and really loves doing them. In fact, he is making beads right now!

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