Saturday, December 1, 2007

New Pictures

This set is made with faceted sodalite beads, dark sapphire and grey opal Swarovski, and a pretty Bali silver heart clasp.
These earrings are some of my favorites! I used zilli beads (can be found at The beads are made from polymer clay so no two beads are exactly the same even in the same batch of clay. The other great thing is that they are very economical to buy!
These lovelies were made by Chris. We put the blue and white ones in at Beads and Botanicals and at least one has sold. There is another picture below that shows what I did with the snowflakes he made into pairs.
These are some seed beaded ornaments I made over the Thanksgiving break from work. The top one looks like a poinsettia and the others are just beaded with a netting stitch and drops.
We had an ice storm here today, so no craft show. They postponed it to the 15th. This worked out well for us, since Mina has strep and one of us would have had to stay home because she is contagious (no that really doesn't make me want to be confined to the house with her!). She has had several antibiotic doses now, so we are nearing the non contagious stage. Chris and I have been imagining our throats being more sore than they were prior to the diagnosis. We are trying to get the Christmas decorations up, but other than Mina, don't have much enthusiasm for the project.


Angie said...

Lovely! Every single piece - I especially like the snowflake earrings!

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Yes, those are my favorites too! Chris did a fabulous job with the beads!

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