Friday, November 30, 2007

Yeah, It's Friday!

Hello! Sorry the posts have been a bit thin, and pics even thinner! As you probably suspected have been getting ready for a show tomorrow, which seems to be the only thing that will shut me up! I had a terrible migraine yesterday (though are there any good migraine's?!), so everything seemed harder than it should have been and to take longer than normal. When the brain hurts, it also doesn't function properly! I went the the Girl Scout office, where I left my purse, which I didn't realize until I got ready to get out of the car at the Dr's office. All the way back to the GS office, I kept thinking, "what if I get stopped!" and because I was aggravated and having a migraine the driving was slightly more erratic than normal! It brings to mind the saying "don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly". My GA was having a good day yesterday because she watched over me many times and in many ways! Anyway, we set up for the craft show in Blue Hill tomorrow tonight, but it is also supposed to drop a 1/4" of ice on us tonight! Then rain tomorrow, so hopefully there will still be a show tomorrow! Have a nice weekend, and if weather permits, and you're in the area stop by and see us in Blue Hill tomorrow!

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