Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Crystals, Crystals, and More Crystals...

Good Tuesday to you! I talked to Mina's Granny last night about the big family 4th of July celebration last night and wheedled the birth months out of her for all of her grand kids. There are only 21 of them! My plan is to make Granny a bracelet with a custom made name bar that says "Granny" on it and put all those lovely crystals on with it. It will be a bit fancy for what Granny is used to, but she loves those grand kids so much that she deserves some Swarovski sparkle in her life and on her wrist! She always goes out of her way to attend the kids' events and even drags Chris's Dad Keith along for the heck of it. Granny is technically Mina's step grandma, but she is by far the one who is most active in Mina's life. My parents aren't able to go to most of Mina's events, but Granny and Gramps (Mina's name for Keith) come anytime we ask them. So on this Tuesday, think of someone in your life who deserves a bit more "sparkle" in their lives and share how much you appreciate and love them!

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