Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Orange Fish, Blue Fish, Carla's Got a New Challenge...

Well, of course my rhyming isn't up to snuff, but it's true there's a new beading challenge at Beads and Botanicals. I can't wait! I love the beading thing challenges that Carla comes up with, and this one has an extra twist~check it out at her blog site link posted on my blog to the left! I have almost finished a bracelet that I started last night. I was messing around with some beads and ideas for a different bracelet and it was aggravating me so I picked up something else instead. So hopefully there will be new pics today sometime! Happy "Hot" Wednesday~those are not quotation marks, they are perspiration! I am definitely not a hot fan, I like it about 78 so Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons!

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