Friday, May 4, 2007

Spidey vs. Girl Scouts, who would win out?

Good Morning! I will try to get some new pics up this afternoon, before Mina and I go see the new Spiderman 3 movie! We are so excited, and Chris couldn't care less. I was not exposed to comics as a kid, and Mina is a big comic book fan so we are both really pumped about the new addition to the Spidey lineup. For me any movie is a great reason to go (I am a big movie popcorn fan), though the Spongebob Movie proved that even popcorn can't fix horrible movies! Tomorrow we are going to the Rowe Sanctuary near Gibbon, NE for a day of learning about migratory birds for Girl Scouts. We get to nature hike, picnic, etc. so that will be fun, and Monday is our end of the year Girl Scout Tea Party. The girls each invite one person and we dress up like ladies, and eat. The menu usually includes Hawaiian Punch Punch, veggies and dip, cheese, summer sausage, crackers, and some sort of sweet item. We will be doing mini eclairs and small pieces of cake for the sweet this year. I have the centerpieces for the table done, as the girls did these at a meeting (which will count toward a badge) and I almost have their badge stuff ready. I sewed their badges to a felt flower that we found at the Dollar Tree (what an awesome store) so I will get the pics of those up so you can see the hard work that the girls put in this school year! I pose the question?: If it were Spidey vs. the Girl Scouts who would win? I say the girls~while Spidey can shoot webs, and fly~ my girls are very resourceful, and would definitely win against him if the contest was charades! They love to play charades when the meeting is done before parents come for them! Have a happy weekend! Yeah for Comic Book Nerds!!

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