Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Faith, Hope, Love...

Isn't it amazing how God works? Just when you are getting down, there comes that beautiful ray of sunshine streaming through the clouds! I was starting to get frustrated because my jewelry on Etsy was being looked at but not selling and things were just not moving quickly enough for my patience level. Yesterday, my horoscope in the one women's magazine that I get "All You" (if you don't get it, I recommend it) was dead on for what I have been feeling and then I got an email from a new networking contact asking me if I would like to do a craft show in September and November. Cindy is the mom of Angie, a fun gal that I met by going in to take allergy testing, and Cindy runs a craft show in the fall and at Christmas time from their barn near Doniphan, NE. She was very complimentary on my jewelry and is friends with Leslie, the mom of my daughter Mina's best friend Taylor! Leslie is also a wonderful friend who goes above and beyond to help others, and has saved Mina many a long bus ride this school year by bring her home after school. Taylor has become an extended member of our family, and is a wonderful, funny bubbly girl with a mind and opinion of her own. I love independent thinkers! Anyway, see how God is working in your life today, and thank Him for the bountiful and unexpected blessings in your life!

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