Saturday, May 5, 2007

Tea Party decorations

This is the Badge Bouquet (clever eh, I just made that up!) and has the badges each girl has earned stitched on to it. Their badge will easily remove by snipping the thread on the back. It will also help to keep the badges all together until they are ready to be placed on the girl's sashes. This one happens to be Mina's and there are a couple more badges that came in this week that I have to add to a few of them. I also purchased the flower stand at Dollar Tree and I drew the faces on the flowers with a Sharpie marker. On the bases are the names of the girls.
This is one of our centerpieces for the tea party tables. We allow the girls to bring one guest and when the party is over, the guests get to take home the centerpieces. This year the girls made the bouquets and that will count toward a badge. We used some Easter pails and bouquets of flowers from the Dollar Tree to put these together. There is floral foam glued in the bottom and the stems are glued into the foam (I have done this a few times, and am learning to be extra cautious so we don't have to start over). In the center of each is a pretty pinwheel in various colors of spring and the pails are also a variety of colors. We also added a bit of curly ribbon for a festive touch.

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Jodie said...

I love that Badge Bouquet! Very clever!

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