Monday, March 3, 2014

Marble Crazy Friday & Saturday this week!

Our first show for the year is almost here!  Yikes!!  If you love marbles or are interested in learning about marbles, make the trip to Bonner Springs, KS this week! 
For more info, Marble Crazy Facebook page, Marble Crazy website, or Moon Marble Company website.

Chris will be doing demonstrations along with all the other artists, as it is part of the contract for the artists (if you are selling, you are demonstrating!).  It is really amazing to visit with and watch all of the artists make there art!  Of course, we spend our money expanding our artist marble collections! 

Artists Participating at the 2014 show:

Zachary Batterman
Geoffrey Beetem
Bruce Breslow
Jes Durfee
Sammy Flowers
Chris Haussler
Hot House Glass
Joshuah Justice
Paul Katherman
Ernie Kober
Marc Kornbluh
Sara Sally LaGrand
Fred Linders
John McCormick
Dan Neff

 *Cathy & Colin Richardson (*2014 featured artists)
David Salazar
Eddie Seese
Joe Schlemmer
Bruce Troeh
Filip Vogelpohl
Aaron West
James Yaun

James Yaun, was just featured in an article in Bead & Button!  There are several on the list that we have not met yet, so that is very exciting!  Chris will be watching a special demonstration by Cathy & Colin Richardson on Thursday, if you click their link above you can see their beautiful creations!

Here are some of Chris's beautiful new creations for the show!

The last picture shows our marble cases for transport.  They are all full now and there are a few more that wouldn't fit in the cases!  HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

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Nicole DeMore said...

That's really cool. It never even occurred to me that marble shows even existed.

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