Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tucson Bead Buying Trip Wrap Up

Well, guest blogger Chris fell down on the job.  No updates came while I was gone, did they?  So here is the photos of some things along the trip to Tucson!
Just before leaving Julie's Xpressions on Tuesday (in the blizzard).

Me getting settled in the van.
Dressed for the day of travel (blizzard over, delays yet to start)

Mary, Julie, and Jacee caught unaware of me sneaking photos with my iPad.
Plane beside us at the terminal, we were loaded on the plane an hour and a half before taking off, due to frozen lines etc
a de-iced plane gets a weird green color when the process is finished

Me and Deb Brooks goofing around
Irrigation pivot rings in the snow from the airplane.
Deb expressing her feelings on our several hour wait for our connecting flight from Denver to Tucson

Me in the Denver airport (apparently developing an eye twitch!)

Photos at our arrival at Tucson Airport!  The sun was on the mountains and it was lovely!

Deb letting her hubby know she is safe in Tucson

view from our balcony

Hotel courtyard

Hotel living room

Hotel work/bar area
One of the few photos of the bead show I took (at the Gem Mall)

Polymer clay pile at my Christi Friesen class

My creations from the Peaceful Leaves class with Christi Friesen

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