Friday, September 28, 2012

Memorial Pendants

After the devastating accident on September 5, Chris & I were asked if we could design a memorial pendant for a fundraiser for the families of the victims.  To help the kids get through the week during the funerals, the school came up with this design and it was used on football helmets, volleyball & softball jerseys, and cross country uniforms.
We used this as the premise for our design.

We used 4 crosses from Tierracast and with them being graduated in size, they hang together like the memorial design.  We also wanted to represent the individuals lost, so we designated each a special cross.

The individual cross photo shows which cross is for each person.
Here is why we chose what we did:

Caroline, small and delicate since she was the youngest and smallest.

Dustin, Celtic because he was more artistic and a free spirit.

Travis, simple and rugged for a farming guy, a bit larger since he was older than Dustin.

Marla, floral since she loved gardening, about the same size as Travis's maybe a tiny bit bigger.

All the charms together represent the tragedy as a whole and all those that were involved. 
Orders can be placed until October 8th.  Price, $15 for pendant only, $20 for pendant with necklace chain.  All proceeds are being given to the memorial fund for the families.

If you are interested, just contact me by leaving an email in the comment section, I will email you but not publish your email in the comments.  I will private message with the details.  Thanks!

Monday, September 24, 2012

New Designs in Photos

Nesting Hen Sculpture

Witchy Poo Sculpture

L-R Witch, Lady, Mummy, Zombie Fingers

Keyed Up Bead
Keyed Up Bead

Keyed Up Bead (sold)
Keyed Up Bead

Denim & Ivory Dangle
Cupcake Chaos Pendant

Cupcake Chaos Butterscotch
Cupcake Chaos Autumn Chocolate

Lurking Turkey Pendant

Unakite & Sunstone earrings
Unakite & Sunstone necklace C-Koop Pendant

Coral & Crystal Spike necklace
Emerald & Copper Bead Embroidery Pendant

Sunflower necklace (bracelet & earrings match)
Simply Abalone necklace

Sparkling Butterfly necklace
Pumpkin Dangle (sold)

Wings of Hope Dangle
Frog Princess Dangle

Friday, September 21, 2012

Jennifer Jangles Giveaway

Are you familiar with Jennifer Jangles?  Her designs are so fun and happy!  She is currently having a fabulous giveaway on her blog of her fabrics, patterns, buttons, beads, and so much more!  Stop over and sign up!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Two weeks gone by and I bet your wondering why.  It has been a tough couple weeks.  On September 6, a Blue Hill School bus and semi collided on the route home after school.  There were 8 kids on the bus, two were killed in addition to the drivers of both the bus and semi.  One student was life flighted to Omaha and is recovering from her injuries, one had surgery for injuries and was released a couple days later, and the others were treated and released from area hospitals.

The funerals for Carolyn Thallman (10), Dustin Tesdahl (18), Travis Witte (21), and Marla Wentworth (59) were held last week.  The photo above is the tribute to those four lives lost.  It was applied to football and softball helmets, volleyball and cross country uniforms.

When the news first went out over the phones and such, it was believed to be the Lawrence bus Mina rides that was involved in the accident.  Nothing brings home how short life is like phone calls from friends checking that it wasn't your child involved in the accident.  Sadly, for many families that day, they were unable to find relief that it wasn't their loved one involved.

You just never know when you walk out the door each day, when it will be your last time.  Take a moment to tell those that matter you love them and hug and kiss them, before you can't.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Swarovski Colors & Styles for Fall/Winter

I got an email from Merchants Overseas today with the release of the new Swarovski items for fall and winter.  If you are not familiar, Swarovski Elements new colors/designs are released in September/October and February/March (spring/summer).   Here they are!  Photos from the Merchants Overseas website and can be reached at the highlighted link above.
Light Turquoise

Crystal Blue Shade
Crystal Grey Pearl (which I thought was already in the product line)
Crystal Key Pendant (I LOVE this!)
Pure Leaf Pendant
Victory Pendant
There are a few other new additions and updates of styles of the crystals and components which you can see at the link above.  The blues and grey do invoke feelings of winter, but I am a bit disappointed that it wasn't more vibrant.  The light turquoise is pretty and I was impressed with the Crystal Bronze Shade introduced last year (amethyst and topaz blends too).  I am sure they will be gorgeous, Swarovski crystals always are!  Who doesn't need more BLING in their life?!!

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