Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Swarovski Colors & Styles for Fall/Winter

I got an email from Merchants Overseas today with the release of the new Swarovski items for fall and winter.  If you are not familiar, Swarovski Elements new colors/designs are released in September/October and February/March (spring/summer).   Here they are!  Photos from the Merchants Overseas website and can be reached at the highlighted link above.
Light Turquoise

Crystal Blue Shade
Crystal Grey Pearl (which I thought was already in the product line)
Crystal Key Pendant (I LOVE this!)
Pure Leaf Pendant
Victory Pendant
There are a few other new additions and updates of styles of the crystals and components which you can see at the link above.  The blues and grey do invoke feelings of winter, but I am a bit disappointed that it wasn't more vibrant.  The light turquoise is pretty and I was impressed with the Crystal Bronze Shade introduced last year (amethyst and topaz blends too).  I am sure they will be gorgeous, Swarovski crystals always are!  Who doesn't need more BLING in their life?!!

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