Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Two weeks gone by and I bet your wondering why.  It has been a tough couple weeks.  On September 6, a Blue Hill School bus and semi collided on the route home after school.  There were 8 kids on the bus, two were killed in addition to the drivers of both the bus and semi.  One student was life flighted to Omaha and is recovering from her injuries, one had surgery for injuries and was released a couple days later, and the others were treated and released from area hospitals.

The funerals for Carolyn Thallman (10), Dustin Tesdahl (18), Travis Witte (21), and Marla Wentworth (59) were held last week.  The photo above is the tribute to those four lives lost.  It was applied to football and softball helmets, volleyball and cross country uniforms.

When the news first went out over the phones and such, it was believed to be the Lawrence bus Mina rides that was involved in the accident.  Nothing brings home how short life is like phone calls from friends checking that it wasn't your child involved in the accident.  Sadly, for many families that day, they were unable to find relief that it wasn't their loved one involved.

You just never know when you walk out the door each day, when it will be your last time.  Take a moment to tell those that matter you love them and hug and kiss them, before you can't.

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