Wednesday, December 26, 2012

And a Prosperous New Year...

Peace & Joy = Kitties & Beading

Gosh, my blogger profile tells me I haven't posted here since December 6th~!  Goodness, I am sorry for my long absence!  What have I been doing?  Probably the same things you have, preparing for Christmas, struggling to keep up and dig out at work, fighting a persistent and annoying infection in my armpit and lymph nodes, and generally wondering where the days go.  I have no idea how it comes to show December 26th on my calendar.

We are starting to look ahead to the new year and our schedule for shows.  At this point I am still exhausted from this year's show schedule so not really jumping up and down yet about this.  But I will be.  Chris & I do really enjoy the shows and visiting with customers and folks who visit the booth.

Here are some of my favorite pics from this year:
My Winning "Garden of the Dead" contest entry
Tropical Beaky Bird necklace

Moon Marble Crazy weekend

Marble selections by Chris

Necklace design by Chris

Mina's award winning weaving

Penguin Bridal party and dachsunds


Marbles on display at Marble Crazy

Marble by Chris in stand by Frank Brooks

Nick's graduation (nephew and our nephew Matthew's but couldn't find those pics)

Trip to the Traveling Titanic exhibit, in Kansas City in May with Caitlyn (niece) and Mina

Mina and Caitlyn goofing around at lunch

Chris & I with our "boarding passes"

Mina at Shrine Band Camp

Western Penguin Pals

Red Creek Jasper set


Holiday open house with Frank & Deb Brooks

Memorial fundraiser for victims of bus/semi accident

Nest/willow set for Bare branches bead Challenge
Hope your 2013 is beadiful and bright! 

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Whitney said...

Your cat looks like my female lynx Siamese! Ironically, she could care less about my bead work, whereas my white cat has to be in the middle of it all.

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