Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Following in last year's tradition I searched Etsy for a few really awesome designs to wish you Happy Halloween!  Enjoy and save me some mini Snickers bars!

I love that Snickers commercial with the Horseless Headsman that is confused!  Too Funny!
Headless Horseman Spooky Decoration by TheRootCellar          
 I have long admired Pixie Dust Miniatures!  Such fun, teeny tiny art and such amazing detail!
Teatime Tray for Witches by Pixie Dust Miniatures     
SkullsDigital Collage Sheet by EartDesign
Wouldn't these skulls be great under a dome and used in bead embroidery as cabs?

I wish I had skinny calves so I could wear boots this cool!  (even when I was young I didn't have skinny calves for boots!)
Spooky Halloween Haunted Scene Witches Boot by JennysToleShed
The best spiders are ones you can display and pack away, without having them sneak up on you!
Spooky Halloween Glass Votive with Black Widow Spiders by GlassWorksEtc
Halloween Prints Spooky Hollow old school
Cute and fun designs!
Green Eyeball Ornament Decoration by rainbeauxcrafts                   


Miss D said...

Those are some awesome finds for Halloween this year. Those boots! The headless horseman!

Thank you so very much for including my hand painted eyeball ornament. I'm honored to be in company with each of the others.

Happy and safe Halloween, everyone!


LOVE IT and thanks for your featuring and just feel free to come to my etsy shop(Eartdesign) any time :)

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