Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sorry I missed last week!  Here is what we have been up to.  Mina celebrated her 15th birthday on Sunday, but she shared her cousin, Zoe's party on Friday night.  Zoe and Mina are our only two girls in the family and they share the same birthday (and were born in the same hour!).  Zoe's parents, Angie and Brian (Chris's brother) are wonderful at including Mina in the family party for Zoe.  Here they are modeling their birthday hats.  Mina a balloon hat and fancy party hat, and Zoe a princess crown. 

This is the cute cake Angie made for Zoe.  Zoe saw it on Pinterest and Angie made it for her (even though she was sick).  Very cute!

I also spent the weekend in beading classes with Jeanette Cook (Beady Eyed Women).  Here are the classes we took (all photos borrowed from and copyright of Jeanette Cook):
Aurora Borealis Cuff
Mastering the Curl
Geometry Lariat
I have several shapes made for the lariate and want to find tiny cubes to do the spiral herringbone rope on the lariat.  I have a good start on the Curl (about 1/3 of the way) and almost finished my Cuff.  I have to add a couple more rows and embellish the top.  The crazy July heatwave that has been scorching everything in it's reach is also keeping me from my beading table on our studio porch.  I have had more migraines than I can count from the heat this month.  I had one last week that took my sense of taste and smell away.  THAT was scary, I worried that I was about to have a stroke.  So hopefully the heat breaks this week and then I can get back to it and my special orders that need completeing before we have Art in the Park in Hastings a week from Sunday.  

Stop back later this week for our Bead Soup Blog Hop reveal on Saturday!  Mine is very different from anything I have made before!!!   We will be back at the Highland Park Farmers Market on Saturday, missed last week due to the beading classes!

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