Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Focus On : Lucite

I wanted to share with you my love for beading with Lucite flowers and leaves.  When the idea came to me, I sat down at the computer and went through my jewelry design photos to find the ones with Lucite.  I purchase my Lucite from The Hole Bead Shoppe.  This post will likely sound a bit like a commercial for their shop, but that is ok!  Kelli and Michael Burns are the owners and I have been a huge fan since I came across their designs in magazines and fell in love with the Lucite.  Lucite is a lightweight but durable and comes in a vast amount of colors and styles. I can't honestly say I remember what set me off down the "garden" path, but it is wonderful to have a product that incorporates well into so many designs.  I love flowers and nature is a continuing inspiration to my designs.  Here are some of the designs I have made using Lucite flowers and leaves.
Clockwise from largest box:
Garden of Skulls~award winning design in a contest sponsored by The Hole Bead Shoppe
Round Robin Bracelet project
Vineyard Fall bracelet
Autumn Hoot (lampwork owl bead by Keiara Wells)
Ladder stitch rings with Lucite embellishment
Christmas Holly (tiny red Lucite flowers in the fringe work)
Wienie Dog Garden Necklace for my niece, Creighton
Vintage Garden birds (with galvanized leaves and black Lucite flowers)
Autumn Splendor fringe bracelet
Fairy sets (made from Swarovski crystals and Lucite butterflies)

Clockwise from top right:
My first Bead Soup Blog Hop bead mix sent to my partner Shea (has Lucite leaves in the mix)
Tatterpillar Garden necklace (lampwork caterpillars by Chris)
Lucite purchase from Tucson trip (Plus I got to meet Kelli & Michael in person!)
Buzzy's Dream Garden (soldered charms from Brown Dog Studio)

And even with all those designs, I know I didn't find all the pictures or we didn't take pictures of everything.  Plus here is a brand new design using one of Chris's Beaky Birds (a new tropical version) and LOADS of Lucite flowers and leaves.
Isn't it adorable?  I love this bird!  The design actually came to Chris in a dream and we worked together to get the feet and legs right.

Also on the Hole Bead Shoppe, they are  now selling some of their famous design patterns.  I really love these!
English Picket Fence

Lucie's Daisy Patch
I actually bought the kit for the Daisy Patch, but have never had time to finish it!  I also have always wanted to make the Picket Fence, though I am sure the time issue would prevent it from happening too!

Since I have already done a commercial here, I will mention in closing that The Hole Bead Shoppe also sells seed beads, kits, Czech Glass (they have terrific prices on Spikes and Twins), and sequins.  I recently purchase some of their lovely sequins for embellishing all sorts of bead work! 

Stop by and shop for some Lucite and YOU won't be able to stop!
(By the way, I received no compensation for my promotion of The Hole Bead Shoppe, I just love their products and you will too!)

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