Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!!

This is going to be a rather random post.  The month of April was so busy and flew by so quickly, I am still rather dizzy from the affair.  So here are some random recent photos to share with you!

These pieces were made by Chris and have been donated to Girl Scouts for the ArtVenture silent auction.  The program is a wonderful one that we have participated in the past couple years.  Girl Scouts are paired up with artists of various media and they spend time learning about that artist's work.  They girls/artists create a project for the girls and one for the auction.  Chris taught two girls how to do chain maille this year.  Chris has been have fun learning and creating with this new media.  He has taught classes twice and has created about a dozen pieces since February. 

Caterpillar Spring.  Chris's little caterpillars were languishing in the bead tray so I designed this lovely piece with the caterpillars crawling through lovely Lucite blossoms.

Penguin Wedding Party.  What spring would be complete without a wedding!  We have big plans for these cuties!  Hope to have the details worked out soon!

New bailed pendants.  Chris has just recently started making these and we have sold a bunch!  Nice way to make a simple, artbead necklace.

New Spring Tweet bird bead Chris made recently.  I am continually amazed at the expressions on the faces of his critters!

Suki and Luna enjoying the spring weather open windows at our house!  They are so funny when the birds are on this platform in the mornings!

Tulips in our flower bed

crab apple tree blooming for all it is worth!

more tulips, these were planted when we moved in 21 years ago!

Flowers in the yard and spring storms in the sky!  These ominous clouds were hovering a couple weeks ago.  My family calls them hail clouds.  Can you see a face in the clouds?  I can see several!

Happy May Day!  Hope you receive a lovely May Basket!


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