Friday, April 27, 2012

Mina, Lexi, and Pirates

Mina & her best friend, Lexi

With all the craziness of this month, I have failed to congratulate (on here anyway) and brag about my beautiful and talented daughter, Mina and her beautiful and talented best friend, Lexi.  These girls add joy to our life on a regular basis.  They have been friends since elementary school and with the abuse they give each other (making me question how they stay friends), it is obvious that it is going to be a long friendship.  Anyway, they both applied and were accepted (along with 3 other girls in their band) to go to Masonic Band Camp in May/June and they will get to play in the Shrine football game in Lincoln, march in a parade, and play a concert at an outdoor shopping mall!  Congrats girls!

We are planning to see the movie "Pirates! Band of Misfits" this weekend.  Not familiar?  Here's the link for the website!

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