Monday, February 13, 2012

Marble Crazy!

We received word last week that we have been accepted to be vendors at Marble Crazy at The Moon Marble Company!  Want more info?  Click this link!  We have spent the past few days prepping and wrapping our minds around doing a show in another state which we haven't done before.  Here are some of the details we are dealing with:
  • Tax id number for Kansas (and may I just say, their tax system is a nightmare).
  • What about accepting credit cards?  We have done so for the past year using Chris's cell to phone them in but it can take 3-10 minutes to submit the info depending on if you push the wrong button, and if we get busy that won't work.  I signed up for Square this morning but that means I will have to upgrade my cell phone from the simple $25 per month (no texting, no internet, 40 minutes of air time) to an Android operating system.  We can run it through one of our iPod Touches, but only if we have a wireless signal.  
  • Hotel reservations, directions/map for getting there, and arranging schedules to be off work/off school.  Thankfully, Mina doesn't have school on that Friday of the show, but we will have to head down the day before to be able to set up for the show first thing on Friday morning (it is about a 5 hour drive from our house).  
  • Inventory, what to take, what to sell!  
  • Chris alternates between thrilled and nauseous! He is so excited to meet all the other marble makers and learn, but the demonstrating makes him a bit frightened (even though he demos at almost every show we do).
So there it is, prepping for a show we haven't done before.  If anyone has any helpful advice, we would love to hear it!  If you are in the Bonner Springs, KS area on March 2 & 3, you won't be sorry for stopping at Moon Marble!  It is an awesome shop!

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