Sunday, January 15, 2012

Silliness with Pets

While shopping at Hobby Lobby on Friday, Chris and I purchased one of these for Luna.  Luna loves to play, and this wind up bunny has a good history of exciting the cats at our house.  When Chris presented it to her this evening, Luna picked it up by the ears and carried it off.  She practiced her throw by tossing it up in the air and then she carried it to the back porch.  Chris was worried it would come to rest in the litter box, and went to rescue it. 
We also have one of these.  Suki loved playing with it when younger but it is definitely Luna's favorite toy.  She plays with it daily and will even pick it up in her teeth and carry it around by the stalk.  Funny that this cat even LOOKS like Luna! 
Our cats are also fond of these kitty teasers:
However, they don't last long if they contain this many feathers.  Feathers = Birds = Need to be EATEN!  Mina has a vase of peacock feathers on her dresser which continue to taunt the cats and to get them in trouble with Mina!

Our cats also love their catnip toys.  The favorite being one that looks like a road kill squirrel.  Too funny, I am thankful for my kitty cats every day.  They love me and make me laugh on days that laughter is tough to come by.

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