Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Beads in Review

Perhaps that title should be "Beads in Rearview" (as in mirror).  It is hard to fathom the quick passage of time!  The minutes, days, weeks, months, and almost another year have blown by.  It seems to be this way for everyone I speak to.  Don't know whether that means we make our days too busy or if life has just hit fast forward?  Oh well, here is a collage of some of the favorite beads Chris made this year!

Beads in order from upper left around the edge:
  1. Ladybug Garden (techniques learned at his Melanie Moertel class)
  2. marble from an old stained glass window from a church that had been torn down
  3. Lovely teal frosted birds for my earring design
  4. Autumn Beaky Bird focal for my Bead Soup Swap partner
  5. Cream and Blue Dragon
  6. Weird Monster Guy (started out as a hollow, and took on a life of its own!)
  7. Olive Dragon
  8. Chalcedony Hearts made into necklaces
  9. Shy Witch
  10. Orange Marmalade Beaky Bird
  11. Zombie Guy
  12. Ooops there is repeat photo!
  13. Triton's Treasure focals
  14. Gone Batty necklace (Chris made the beads and the necklace!)
  15. Two marbles same glass (church window glass)
  16. Gold and Orange Dragon
  17. Mushroom and Sheep (off mandrel sculptures)
  18. Clucky Beaky Bird
  19. Crystal Flame Dragon
  20. Gone Batty in a pile
  21. Penguins in Love (special order necklace made for a young girl from South Carolina at one of our summer shows-also the photo of the year for our business Christmas cards).
Well there you have them!  Next on the year in review?  Our cats!  They are the only other thing we have LOTS of pictures to use!

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