Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Challenges...

Sorry for the silence, beading has been consuming all of my time!  Friday and Saturday we were in Lincoln for the Lincoln Bead Show which took place on Saturday.  Here are some highlights:
  • The meeting room where the show was held was large and fairly well lit (anyway our area was, people in the back section struggled though)
  • The room we spent the night in at same hotel, not so great.  Think 70's disco movie, with the pool area rented out for birthday parties and there were 4 going on Friday night until Midnight.
  • The "non" smoking room, may have been now, but wasn't for about the previous twenty years.  Yuck, old stale cigarette smell.
  • Bathroom, postage stamp size, but had good water pressure and hot water.  Wasn't too scary if you kept the lights off or your eyes shut.
  • The arm rails on the chairs looked like werewolves had previously stayed there.  
  • The bed was comfortable and clean, though my side sloped to the floor.
  • Mina hung out in the room after we headed down to work in the bead show, until it was check out time.  Check out time came sooner than she thought when she saw the mouse running around in the room.
On the plus side, we had a terrific show and spent time visiting with our other bead vendor friends and had fun visiting with new and returning customers.  The dragons were a huge hit!

On the new front, I am one of ten participants taking part in The Hole Bead Shoppe's Day of the Dead Bead kit challenge.  Here is a picture of my kit supplies:
My kit fee was $50 and I got a $120+ value!  Crazy the amount of items that were in the kit, and WOW do I feel the pressure to create an over the top, fabulous piece!  The kit has a wide variety of Lucite flowers and leaves, Vintaj keys and blanks, fresh water pearls, Czech daggers and fire polish, Swarovski crystals, a variety of seed beads and Tila beads, gunmetal plate spacers, Tierracast beads and spacers, and a Palmtree Queen Day of the Dead lampwork focal.  Here is a picture of the skull beads the Hole Bead Shoppe added to our kits:
Mine is in the second row, second from the left!  They are AWESOME!

I received my kit on Monday, and I have worked on my piece about 5 hours so far.  I have a long ways to go, I will keep you in the loop!


Carla said...

ooooh! that kit is awesome! and with your passion for beading and talent for design, I'm betting the finished piece will be fabulous!

Pixybug Designs said...

I was speechless when I opened! They outdid themselves, and I am having a great time working with it! Thanks Carla!

The Folk Art Tree said...

Oh wow! I see it is bright and colorful (like you!), so it shouldn't be a stretch for you to create something FABULOUS! Seeing that stash made my "create" antennae go off! Have fun!

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Pam! I am excited, I was certain that with only 10 kits available I wouldn't get one! I am blessed by my beading friends to boost my confidence, and by having so many wonderful people to share my passion with!

Anonymous said...

What a cool kit! sounds like so much fun. You have to keep us posted!

The Hole Bead Shoppe said...

Love it. We're happy that the kit has inspired you and can't wait to see what you made. We're also happy that YOU got one of the 10 kits! Thank you once again Stephanie - for supporting us, for blogging about us and for being a very good friend.

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