Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here There Be Dragons....

Earlier this week, I mentioned that Chris had made dragons and here they are!  Aren't they cool?!  We had a special order for one, and this is what became a new line!  My favorite is the yellow and orange.  I need to name them, but that hasn't happened yet.  This is the "premier" of them and we have already sold two!  They will be with us at the Lincoln Bead Show if you would like to see them in person!  Chris made more last night, but those haven't had their pictures taken yet.  Like the collage?  I am playing around with Picnik for editing our photos.  Not sure I like it, seems to bog our computer down and I haven't learned my way around things yet.  I am trying the "premium" feature for a month and we'll see if it is worth continuing.  I like how the collage turned out though!

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