Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Show Setup Tidbits continued...

Yesterday the post was about what we pack in our "Business Box".  I forgot to mention that when transporting said box, I wrap a piece of the blue painters tape from the top of the box across the front of the box where drawers can slide open and attach it on the bottom.  This keeps the Business in the Business Box!  Nothing worse than going to pick it up and getting hold of a drawer, which slides out and the rest is dropped all over the ground.  Here is a picture (from the manufacturer) of the box we use which wouldn't load yesterday:
This would be what it looks like at our house:

Packed with all of our show supplies, the drawers have to be arranged to be sure they will shut.  I also gave a list of the items included in the box:
tape drawer, also shown: dust cloth, business cards, spot tags, and earring card hangers.

our beaded business card holders, acrylic marble stands, zippy bags.

laminated sales tax rate cards
 This was a stroke of genius on my part.  I am almost always the one making out tickets at shows (Chris is usually doing demos with the torch).  I got tired of having to search for the correct tax info for the different cities we do shows in, so I laminated not only the rate cards but the list of all the cities in Nebraska that have local sales tax, so I never have to ask anyone at show setup what tax we are supposed to be charging.  The cards are stored in "the Box".
laminated city sales tax rate card
Here is a picture of the box of cords:
I have suede cords, silk ribbon cords, silver plated snake necklaces, cotton cord on the spool, metal cords.  I organize them with these:
Rings & Things
These allow me to manage the disaster that cords can become, and yes, they will become a disaster again.  At least the hooks allow me to clasp them together by style or color.  I spent an evening not long ago sorting out the disaster this box becomes after a show season, yes, MOST of an evening was spent at the job!

Not a thrilling post, but I have tried to share ideas for making shows easier.  When I started doing these shows, I knew nothing.  Everything I have learned, I have found out through trial and error, other artists, and other business people.  Thank goodness they shared their ideas with me, and I hope that some of this will help others too!

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