Monday, June 6, 2011

Show Prep

It is looming.  Show season is rapidly approaching.  Saturday kicks off our summer shows and are we ready, uh, nope.  Never feel like we are ready, so I guess we are keeping to our standards that way.  I realized tonight as I sat down to write this post that I had forgotten to order the postcards with our show schedule printed on them.  Chris and I had talked about it a month or so ago, I went off to do something else, and la la la I COMPLETELY FORGOT.  Thank goodness for RUSH printing and shipping (though I don't relish the expense).  Last year, we just printed the schedule for upcoming shows on papers to hand out at the shows.  This year, we are up-scaling and making it look a bit more professional.

Here is a list of items we try to have at every show:

In a medium sized 3 drawer plastic box (called "the business box") we keep:
  • ink pens, pencils, and Sharpies (fine and medium point)
  • a polishing cloth for removing evil tarnish from jewelry that has spent time out of the show cases
  • extra rubber earring bumpers (hate earrings falling off the display cards)
  • business cards and beaded business card holders (we are continually amazed at the number of cards we go through each year)
  • scissors, low tack painters tape, duct tape, Scotch tape
  • blank cards for making quick product notes or price changes
  • price labels (rhino barbell tags and small rectangular sticky tags)
  • a notebook for recording sales and jotting down bead ideas or special orders
  • laminated Nebraska Sales Tax cards for each of the different tax rates
  • a calculator
  • extra zippy bags
  • headpins, silver seed beads, 4mm silver balls for making beads into pendants for necklaces
  • tools for wire wrapping pendants
In a separate box, I have neck cords and chains for making Chris's beads into necklaces. A pile of brightly colored, seasonal tissue paper and a variety of sizes of gift bags are also found in this box.

I also have a small edged tray that I sit on my lap for working up pendants, writing down sales, or wrapping up purchases.

I keep my cash box behind the table on a small table with the business box and with the cord/wrapping box.  This way I control the clutter and keep it from the customer's view.

I tried to add pictures to this post, but Blogger was having issues (and I got frustrated fighting it) so I will continue the post on Wednesday.  See you then!


I LOVE color! said...

Sounds like you are pretty well organized. But tell me are you out in the heat. I think we are in for a frying here in the Dallas area. Be Blessed

somethingunique said...

thanks for sharing your list i do many shows in the summer as well and i know what you mean i always worry i never have enough stuff. I hope you have a great show.
take care ttfn L:)

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Gals! Yes it is hot here too, going to cool down tomorrow. Hopefully the shows won't be bad, but we had one last year that was around 101 degrees, with no wind! Wow, it was miserable!

Mahmood Ali said...

Its looking fabulous!!! i appreciate it looking great...
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