Tuesday, June 21, 2011

12 Hours of Me Time

Antique Brass Sew Charming Bracelet

Chris's Box Chain Chainmaille bracelet

Sticks and Stones Bracelet

Fan Favorite crocheted wire bracelet

Poe's Raven Necklace pendant close up

Poe's Raven Necklace full view

Wired Earth Tones (pendant bead by Lewis Wilson)

Purplicious charm bracelet

Green Lace bracelet
Last Thursday, I took the day off from my jobs to play in my beads.  Technically, I was making last minute additions to our inventory, but it was SO MUCH FUN!  I am so proud of the design on the Poe's Raven necklace (domino beads made by Jen Martin), I love how it came together.  Also, the Wired Earth Tone's is really lovely, I bought the Lewis Wilson bead when I was in Tucson.  The Purplicious beads and the Green Lace beads came from Julie's and they are GORGEOUS!  The Fan Favorite bracelet is in colors popular to this State and I am teaching myself to crochet wire!  We had a class in chainmaille a couple weeks ago at our monthly Seed Beading Group meeting.  Mine is in black, orange, and lime green for Halloween time, and Chris went with the mixed metals for his.  He had leftover rings and made a pair of box chain earrings too, but they were absent on picture day!  WHAT do you think of the new designs?


The Folk Art Tree said...

Sticks and Stones and the Poe necklace! Awesomeness!

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Pam! I think so too!

Pretty Things said...

You took full advantage! Awesome work!

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Lori!

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