Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where I Find Inspiration...

Some days it is hard just to get out of bed, let alone be inspired to carry on with all that needs doing each day.  I find inspiration in many places, blogs, Facebook, Etsy, photos, and sayings.  These are two of my favorite places for inspiration.  Each morning, at some point I stop by Carla's blog botanicals and beginnings to see her beautiful photos, new beads she has put in her Etsy shop, or a jewelry idea.  This was today's inspiration and blog post about her up coming bead and jewelry shows, and the new designs she has come up with.  This one is GORGEOUS, I really love the Czech glass she has been adding to her inventory and I just got a package of some last Saturday.  Those deep blue ones are my favorite.  Carla is a big fan of Sterling Silver and simple, lovely designs, so it is fun to see her new designs featuring the antique brass metals.

 The other blog I follow closely is Lori Anderson's Pretty Things blog.  I receive Lori's posts via email and they always arrive in my box around 9pm and that is the perfect way to finish off a day.  Lori works hard at many things and is a very helpful, sharing artist.  She regularly posts ideas for bettering your jewelry design business, inspiring quotes and wonderful pictures to go with them, and lovely stories relating to her family.  She is also great at sharing her struggles, helping me to feel I am not alone in my struggles.  She is the mastermind behind the Bead Soup Party (which I greatly enjoy participating in, new mini Party reveal coming soon!), and she will soon be a published author. 
Thanks to both of these wonderful women for helping me each day, and never knowing how much they inspire me. 
I borrowed the photos shown here from Carla and Lori's blogs.

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