Monday, May 16, 2011

Etsy Beadweavers May Challenge

Recently I came across this on Facebook.  I was vaguely aware that the group existed, but the Lord of the Rings challenge caught my eye!  They are currently voting for the winner of the challenge and I have included the links for the individual pieces as well as a link to the Beadweavers site.  I loved looking at all of the designs and wanted to share them with you.  Some day when I can quit all of my jobs and focus I seed beading, I want to participate in a group like this!  They do beautiful work!

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Etsy Beadweavers

1. The One Ring - NewWorldElegance
2. Heart Bracelet in Metallic Gray and Bright Red - enchantedbeads
3. Éowyn Beadwoven Pendant - beadn4fun
4. Leaves of Lothlorien Necklace - RareSpecimens
5. The Dead Marshes - 4uidzne
6. The Light Star of Earendil - AngelqueCreations
7. Gollum - Kankou
8. One Ring to Rule Them All - MyOrcaDreams
9. Key to the Shire Beaded Necklace - crystalwonders
10. EDORAS - crownrosegems
11. The One Ring - MelJoyCreations
12. The Leaves of Lothlorien - ElementalNature
13. Shield Necklace - annamei
14. Arwen Evenstar - SpringColors
15. Mallorn of Lothlorien Beadwoven Necklace - MaryTDesigns
16. Goldberry - roseworksjewelry
17. Ash and Ember - The Balrog- HauteIceBeadwork
18. Memories of Rivendell - glimmerstone
19. Greenleaf Bead Embroidered Bib Necklace - beadsandblooms
20. Ring of Fire Beadwoven Bangle - LaBellaJoya
21. Arwen Necklace - tenstoreylovesong
22. Galadriel's Gift to Gandalf - ArtMasquerading
23. Beaded Links - BoonieBeads
24. Shieldmaiden's Neckpiece - flagrantdesigns
25. The Eye of Sauron Ring - bysalla
26. Gandalf Beaded Tapestry - arjarvis
27. Nightingale Necklace - chrysanthemumveil
28. Galadriel's Circlet of Elanor - njdesigns1
29. Sea Green Ornate Necklace - SilverDragon
30. The Prancing Pony Fantasy Bottle Ornament - FrancescasFancy
31. Ent Necklace- Burarum - WhiteRabbitJewels

Sadly, due to the issues with Blogger at the end of last week, you didn't get to read this post in time to vote.  I voted for number 17, Ash & Ember.  WOW, very cool!


Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning our team on your blog. Your compliments are appreciated, and as the beader behind Ash & Ember, thank you for the vote of confidence in my design! -Marsha

Pixybug Designs said...

You are welcome Marsha, your piece was breathtaking!

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