Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Bead Soup Ingredients!

 Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!  These are my wonderful Bead Soup ingredients sent to me by my fabulous beading partner, Shea.  Shea is a metal working Goddess!  Her handmade Argentium Silver components are not only well done, but fun and functional for designing with.  In this picture you see the handmade balled headpins, oval and square soldered links, and three sizes of jump rings!  There are also lovely pieces of turquoise, Swarovski Baroque pearls, and other natural stones in aquas, pale green, and deep green.  You can just see them in the corner, I really loved the square stones with the square links. 
 All of my soup ingredients.
 The Main Dish-the handmade S clasp and the handmade flower pendant designed and created by Shea!  I really, really, really love the pale aqua and the pop of the deep orange red fire agate.  Gorgeous, my pictures don't do the pendant or the clasp justice!
Another photo of the larger beads and the pearls.
Shea was even thoughtful enough to send handmade earring wires so I can make a matching set with my Bead Soup ingredients! 

I have to thank Shea for being such a wonderful partner, we complimented each other quite nicely!  I am normally a BIG fan of BRIGHT (wait til you see what I purchased in Tucson!), so Shea's beautiful mix of soft green and aqua complimented with her wonderful handmade creations was definitely outside my beading zone.  However, that was really part of the fun, and as it turned out, that was the case for Shea.  We sent her a group of bright beads and handmade lampwork which she really loved, but weren't her normal range of colors either!  Another BIG THANK YOU goes out to Lori Anderson, for her brilliant idea, amazing management skills, and for including me in this fun and challenging project.  I don't know how she did it, but I was matched with a beader who does work which I love and want to do more of.  At the same time, linked Shea to us, a beader and a lampworker, which provided her with materials she loves also!  Thanks Lori!  You ROCK!


Anonymous said...

RATS! I forgot to take pictures of the soup ingredients you sent me ... I sat down yesterday to start playing with them, and before you know if a beautiful necklace was in my hands ... I got so lost in the process that this completely slipped my mind. But boy did I come away with a few surprises. I can't wait for you to see it!!

Pretty Things said...

That pendant is SO pretty@

Pixybug Designs said...

You can use the pics I took of what I sent you Shea. Just right click them and save to you desktop and then load them from there. Can't wait to see your creation and can't wait to show you mine!!!!

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