Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BTW=Bead Table Wednesday

My workspace prior to starting the cleaning session.
Lately, the beader blogs I follow have been participating in Bead Table Wednesday or BTW (which after being on Facebook, I think stands for By The Way, then my brain clicks into gear!), so I thought I would show you the disaster that my bead table is!  Above is the picture I took when I started cleaning on Monday afternoon when I got home from work.  On the left lower corner is my iPod touch which I have been using to listen to audio books while I work.  This disaster is in part, finishing the show season for 2010 and moving the beads from the house back to the studio (heated only by a space heater) from when it was too cold to work in the studio.
This is the right side of my table.  On the back corner of the shelf is our studio cat's nap sack (formerly a bead tote bag).
This is the right side of the beading table, obviously no better than the left side or center of the beading table!  How do these beading disasters happen?!

Under this pile, just below the window on the left, is a box of beading tools for metal working.  They are obscured by view with the tote of seed beads sitting on top!  Seed beading is a sickness, I have to have all the colors/sizes/shapes, but then I have little time to play with them! :0(
This has been a life saver!  I bought this storage shelf, designed for scrapbooking, at Sam's Club a couple months ago.  I love it, and it has helped a bit with organization.  On the top is the cd/cassette player Chris got me for Christmas for listening to audio books from the Library, and he also added a cord to attach my iPod to the system.  The bright green name tag is from teaching a Girl Scout beading class. In the purple box at the left side, are bead strands from Tucson.  I got those pictures taken last night so they will be coming soon!

Suki, one of the studio cats, enjoys the havoc she causes to my beading world.  She also showers Chris with attention, trying to prance about on his table or get into his lap while he is torching!  Last night she also was investigating whether she could get into the kiln (it was turned off), she is the epitome of "curiosity killed the cat"!

It is difficult to sit at the beading table when the cat has claimed your chair!
This is my bead soup project in session, very helpful of Suki to shove the beads off my sketch book with her long back feet!  Yeesh!
Suki making a beeline for my skewer/straw bucket which I use for tubular bead stitches.  She likes to chew on them which usually leads to her gagging herself due to her enthusiasm!  Hope you have enjoyed the tour!


Sissy and Jack's said...

Ok, so you have beat me in BTW!! lol


Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Stacy, but I would rather not win this race! :0P

The Folk Art Tree said...

I must remind you of one of my favorite quotes..."A creative mind is rarely tidy" Amen.

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Pam I haven't heard that one! I feel so much better! :0)

Cindy said...

Pam, you're a brave soul to share photos of your bead table... of course mine looks the exact same way! And it also spills out on to the floor where I've been working lately too! Thanks for keeping it real. :-)

crafty1 said...

You have won the badge of courage!!! For showing you work area.....
I must confess that mine looks the same UGH!!! Always have time to create but no time to clean.. It takes too much time away from creating!
so cheers from me and keep on creating.
I am going to GI to see you at the bead show and then to Sams to check out that cabnet if they still have any.

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