Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Designs

These special items were done as an order for a customer, which ended up not getting picked up.  Anyway, they will be easy to sell, as we have sold quite a few in these styles already.  "Fur"st up is a calico kitty.  Chris has had issues with making a cat that is up to his quality standard, but people love the ones he makes! 

 A beautiful piece in our new Hearts of Glass line.  We have sold many of these at our December shows, and each one is prettier than the one before, making choosing a favorite difficult!  Chris makes these in the style of his marbles using frit to add the detail swirl.  I did the wire wrapping and added the gorgeous Swarovski heart crystal to bring a bit of bling to the design.
 Another in our Hearts of Glass line.  This is really pretty with just a hint of pale rose and grassy green.  Really delicate an pretty and a Swarovski rose crystal pulls out the pink in the design.
This beauty is a large dichroic glass pendant made by Chris and I did the wire wrapping and dangle.  I love it when my crystals match his projects!!  I really love how this turned out, and we will be making more!

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