Monday, January 17, 2011

Internet Connections

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I am continually amazed at the capabilities of the internet.  I have become acquainted with people all over the world through beading and writing about it here and on Facebook.  I think that is SO cool!  I began following Lori Anderson's Pretty Things blog last year after coming across it through posts from another beader I follow, Maria Grimes (her company is Garden Path Beads), while Maria was writing about her adventures with last year's Bead Soup Party.  So this year, when sign up came around, I was in the know because I get Lori's (and Maria's) blog posts/newsletters in my email.  With all that I read, this is a convenient way for me to stay connected to those blogs I follow.  Lori wrote that her party increased to 210 beaders this year!!!  That is amazing, and so amazing that Lori has been asked to write a book about her parties which will come out in the fall of next year, and for all participating beaders, will have a link directing people to all of the blogs/beaders  involved!  I will have exposure I would never have dreamed of!  I have already added readers just from the other bead soup beaders checking out each others' blogs.  Very interesting, how one connection quickly links you to possibilities you never expected to have!  There are so many ways to promote your business or writing or hobby on the internet it makes my head spin to think of them! 
My Bead Soup Partner is Shea Zukowski of gr8findings!  Shea does metal working (love it) and loves lampwork (convenient that I have my own lampworker).  Stay tuned for more about my adventure!


gr8findings said...

Isn't this awesome! Every time I enter one of these things I'm blown away by all the creativity and great blog energy ... and I feel so lucky to have found such a talented partner ... though the fact you work in a bead store makes me wonder what delightful "new" thing I might be able to send your way. Between your lampworking hubby and your bead store work I think you've got the perfect set up :)

Pixybug Designs said...

Trust me Shea, whatever you send my way will make me very happy! There is just nothing more exciting than opening a package of new beads! (could account for the mess on my beading work table!) I am pretty happy with my life! God has blessed me and put me just where I want to be! :0)

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