Friday, November 19, 2010

Drive By Update!

Hi, just wanted you to know I am still here, just been a crazy week!  Now I know I am not alone in this crazy life we all seem to live, going one speed~FAST FORWARD!  Mina is playing Jr. High basketball until the middle of next month, she had Girl Scouts this week and we got our nut orders in, I worked my two jobs, went to the Graham Gallery to drop off new items for Christmas that we finished at the last minute (wine stoppers and wine glass charms), organized sack lunches for the Jr. High BB girls to have on their away games, watched Mina play ball last night and again tonight (about a 45 min drive one way), and Chris also did most of this along with going to Mina's Jr. High Quiz Bowl meet in Shelton yesterday.  No wonder the weeks pass in a blur!!!  This coming week might be a bit quiet too, I will be with my folks at the end of the week, getting my Dad through a torn rotator cuff surgery and caring for my Mom, who has a laundry list of medical conditions, including Parkinson's Disease.  If, dear readers, you could spare a prayer for them, I would be grateful.

I am so blessed to have you as readers, and please know I love each of you for visiting here!  Hope you have a terrific weekend!


~Leslie Lemke~ said...

keeping your dad and mom both in our does seem that there are days that seem to fly by and yet we need to enjoy each one!
See you tonight

Pixybug Designs said...

You are the best! Thanks for always being there!

Pretty Things said...

Definitely have you in my prayers.

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Lori! You are in mine, migraines are so miserable, it is tough to do anything but lie in bed til the medicine does its work. Unfortunately it sounds like that doesn't even help. Stress always sets mine off, had to have an MRI a couple years ago because I was having so many. Wishing you well, and a happy Thanksgiving!

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