Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seasonal Love and Beads...

I love living in Nebraska (though I could do without the croupy bronchitis I am currently fighting) in part because of the beautiful seasons.  Oh sure, last winter was a trial, as a sufferer of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), I began to think I could not take one more cold, gray, gloomy day.  But just as I was desperately in need of sunshine and spring flowers, spring snuck in and we all breathed a sigh of happy relief.  Then summer came with lots of rain this year so we had lovely green grass (and super tall weeds that I am allergic too!)all summer that required more mowing than we are used to (even could be said it was close to baling a couple times!).  Now fall is softly sweeping in, with its cool nights, warm days, and lovely color changes.  One of my favorite things about autumn, is ... acorns.  Weird, yes.  Sentimental, definitely.  It all started in the autumn of 1988, Chris and my first autumn dating.  We were in college at Peru, NE, (Campus of a Thousand Oaks), and we would go out walking and pick them up as we strolled along.  When we moved into our house in Lawrence, there was an oak tree in our front yard (that has grown to a lovely, large shade tree, which Mina swings in everyday).  The acorn tradition now involves crazy stories about a nutty squirrel that delivers acorns to our pillowcases, shoes, purses, lunchboxes, and yes, occasionally my cleavage.  Okay, that was probably too much information.  It is just a fun, silly family thing we started when Mina was little, and it has just continued.   Mina even drew Chris a classic picture when she was about 4 or 5 with a cute squirrel looking up into a tree, with a VERY large acorn.  (My favorite part is the writing that says "I love you Dab", Mina suffers with a bit of her father's dyslexia!)  I love that picture so much, that it still hangs on my wall at work (Mina turned 13 this summer). 

Anyway, with my love of acorns, I was pleased to see bead acorns in my Beadwork magazine that came yesterday.  These lovely beads are lampwork and electroformed copper, and GORGEOUS!  I think I am going to ask Santa to ask that nutty squirrel to put one of these beauties in my stocking this year!

Want more info or to see more of Julie's gorgeous beads and creations? 
Check out her Etsy shop at Credit River Art Glass


Julie Nordine . Credit.River.Art.Glass said...

I don't think your acorn obsession is all that odd... except for maybe the cleavage part, LOL... but I'm proof that people are really drawn to acorns, I can't make enough of them! They're very symbolic... strength, patience, potential... even good luck!! My favorite part is watching people @ shows sorting through them, trying to pick THEIRS. :o) They all have their own personality.

Thank you so much for including me in your blog post. So sweet about your daughter's dab/acorn drawing!

Enjoy the fall!

~ Julie
Credit River Art Glass

Pixybug Designs said...

Your acorns are so beautiful I can understand why you can't keep up! I really love the lampwork/copper combination. My hubby makes lampwork beads, buttons, and marbles~and we know too about the struggle to keep up! I am now following your blog too!

Pretty Things said...

I LOVE her acorns and scored two of them the day she reopened shop!

My son and I walk around the neighborhood in the fall and fill a glass vase with acorns. It's great mother-son time.

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