Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Nebraska State Fair Visit

We spent Sunday at the BRAND NEW Nebraska State Fair.  The Nebraska State fair has an interesting history and has recently been moved from Lincoln (held the last fair there last year) to Grand Island (to wonderful brand new exhibit buildings).  We enjoyed the day, arriving at 11am and we stayed until about 3 pm.  Chris and I would have liked to have gone to the Heart concert last night, but with our current lifestyle that wouldn't work.  We had a great time!  Chris and I wondered around at the exhibits, ate fair food, played the lottery so we could spin the prize wheel, and I rode some rides with Mina and her best friend, Lexi.  That was fun!  Our favorite ride was the Rock & Roll ride.  This ride went FAST!  First it went backwards and kind of a wave up and down, and then it went forwards the same way!  It also played loud modern music, and Mina and Lexi rode it about 8 times.  The exhibits were very nice, and the buildings air conditioned (thank heavens!), and the quilt exhibit was really astounding, with 750 entries!  I am really glad I didn't have to judge those! 

Rock & Roll Ride by Belle City Amusements

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