Friday, August 27, 2010

Autumn Drawing Near...

Autumn Tree Photo found here

Yesterday on my drive to and from my part-time Job at Julie's Xpressions, I noticed Autumn sneaking in.
I noticed...
Corn and Soybeans drying in the fields, starting to turn color, irrigation pivots now at rest.
Native grasses beginning to go dormant in the ditches, also moving into their autumn hues.
Fuzzy, dark brown caterpillars moving from one side of the road to the other (Chris and I especially love this part of Autumn, dating back to our dating).
Cooler breezes, late summer skies so blue and clear they hurt your eyes, and deep, green tree leaves showing off all the summer rain we have had.
Mornings and Evenings that cause you to sigh, just the right temperatures to be perfect.
Warm, late summer sun that makes me turn my face skyward and smile.

Happy Weekend!  We are visiting the BRAND NEW Nebraska State Fair this weekend! 

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