Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things (spelled BEADS)

I really love that song from the Sound of Music (my favorite part~"Whiskers on Kittens").  I thought I would share some of my favorite beads/jewelry making supplies with you today! 
Vintaj Brass Butterfly from Too Cute Beads
I am really digging the Vintaj Brass line.  I love the natural look and color of the brass.  I can't wear any of it due to metal allergies, but I love to play with it.  An added bonus~every piece I have made with Vintaj has sold quickly!  I love the filligree pieces and that they can be bent and shaped to work with or around other beads.

 Fire Polish Czech Crystals are some of my favorites, too.  They are economical and come in tons of colors and finishes.  I love the opaques, metallics, and the Picasso finishes best.  The opaques come in such bright, vibrant colors that are always my favorite to work with.  Fire Polish have changed a great deal with all the new finishes in the few years since I began beading.

Lucite Sampler from The Hole Bead Shoppe
LUCITE FLOWERS & LEAVES!  I can't get enough!  I love, love, love them!  The flexibility of these lovelies is endless.  I use them in fringe, earrings, and my new Swap-It pendants.  So many colors and possibilities make them a favorite.  Also, while I have bought them from various places, I always come back to Kelli and Tarlee at The Hole Bead Shoppe.  They are awesome and their service is terrific!

Designer Glass Rondelles from By C Boutique

I have known Carla K from the By C Boutique since I started beading.  She owned the store that my first bead came from, and then it was a slippery slope.  Now she lives in Michigan and works from home selling gorgeous stone beads and FABULOUS designer glass beads.  I never thought I would love anything as much as I love Swarovski crystals, but these have moved to the top of my list.  The quality, price, and colors make them a terrific beading value and I can use larger ones at a still smaller price than the Swarovski crystals.  Carla can be found on Etsy and she has her own webshop.

This is just a small taste of my faves.  I didn't even touch seed beads yet!  What are your faves?


Carla said...

Hi Steph! Thanks so much for the mention today. Hope you know that your friendship, creative energy and enthusiasm are blessings to me. Favorite beads? Glass or stones....gotta be rondelles. :)

Pixybug Designs said...

Definitely rondelles! Yes, what a blessing that first bead purchase was! It completely changed my life, and thanks for always being a great friend and bead lady!

The Hole Bead Shoppe said...

Steph! Another great pitch for us! Thank you so much. You're always so kind to even mention us. And we're SOOOOOoooooooooooo Happy Michael found you so long ago! =o)
You like Vintaj? Check out our NEW Galvanized Lucite leaves -Antique Copper goes with your BRASS perfectly. We're excited to carry this brand new product.
Thanks again!
XoXoXO Hugs to you! I hope you SELL it ALL!


Johnnie said...

Thanks for the plug on our new vintage brass pieces. The brass is one of my favorites.

Pixybug Designs said...

You guys are awesome and so are your beads! Thanks for the remarks!

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