Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I love to spend (waste) time browsing on Etsy.  It is one of my favorite computer surfing activities.  If you read the blog regularly, you may have noticed the Favorite Things on Etsy box on the right side of the blog, changes often.  I am continually amazed that people from all around the world can come together in one place to sell and buy, become entrepreneurs, and meet other sellers from your corner of the world or with similar tastes or interests.  I love the "Add Item To Favorites" or the "Add Seller To Favorites".  It makes it easy to find what you were last looking at when you go shopping again.  As someone who sells (or mostly attempts to) on Etsy, I appreciate the amount of work that goes into a single posting, so when I see someone with hundreds or thousands of items listed ~ I am impressed.  I have my favorites I go back to regularly, and I love finding new things to add to my favorites. 
Recently, we visited Carlos O'Kelly's for supper and as we were walking in, a gal was going out with a very funny Cthulhu Tshirt on.  Not familiar with Cthulhu?  We are big SciFi fans, and though I have a vague idea about what Cthulhu is, Chris is more familiar, he has read the H.P. Lovecraft stories and even made a Cthulhu bead for a special order!  Anyway, when we got home we did some searching on the net for the Tshirt.  Then we went to Etsy to see what they had.  Who knew that crocheting Cthulhu was so popular?!  Me, I usually look at beads, jewelry, or for supplies to make jewelry.  I also love searching for items for my bead embroidery.  But once in awhile a visit to the "Geekery" category is fun!

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