Friday, July 9, 2010

When Jewelry Finds It's Home

Often when I make jewelry, and then haul it from show to show to gallery, and back again, I wonder "will this piece ever sell?"  But more often then not, it just hasn't "found" it's person yet.  Beads and jewelry have a "mystical" ability to know and communicate not only what they want to be, but who they will belong to.  Okay, I know this sounds like I have been hitting the allergy pills and tequila hard, but I have seen it again and again.  For example, the really lovely carved rose and silk ribbon necklace I made late last summer/early fall.  I loved it, but knew that it would have to be for someone with the long, lovely neck to wear it.  It finally found it's home at Cottonwood, when it went home to Iowa with this lovely young lady.  She was fascinated with Chris's beads and marbles and demo, and when her Mom came back to find her, Mom spotted the necklace and it found it's person.  Doesn't it look lovely on her?!  I am often asked if I know what I will make with the beads when I purchase them.  My answer is no, most of the time not.  I look for fun, funky, and unusual beads.  Beads that "call" to me.  Only on rare occasions do I know when I purchase the beads what they will be in the end.  However, on those occasions, it is VERY clear in my head what it will be, and usually takes only a few minutes to make it.  I enjoy the mystery, mysticism, and the magic that comes with beads and jewelry making!

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