Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So we are recovering from our accident.  We have been visiting our chiropractor, Dr. Wilson, to get the bones to be where they are supposed to, our insurance company worked amazingly fast to take care of us, and this will be ours tomorrow!  We are very excited!  We worked through the company we bought our other RAV through, Jackson's Car Corner, and they were also amazing!  They found what we were looking for and went and picked it up.  It is currently getting the once over by them, and then we will get it tomorrow when we are in Hastings.
When tragedy strikes your life, the best you can hope is that the trauma doesn't last long.  We have been blessed on many levels with the firemen, EMTs, and policemen that responded to our call, the tow truck driver, who stopped to allow us to get our luggage out of our vehicle, the insurance company that helped us know what to do next and then processed our claim with lightning swiftness, my brother and sister in law, that did everything in their power to make us feel better and help us get home (a very long drive for Cheryl and Caitlyn to come home with us and drive our rental car back), and to our Car Guys for finding us a replacement that was exactly what we wanted. We can't thank them each enough!
A slightly weird side note: the night before we left on vacation (which was about 24 hours exactly to the time of our accident), we were on our way home from Hastings and I decided to dig through the glove compartment to find our registration and insurance card.  I put it on top so we would be able to find it if we needed it, and put my current insurance card (they send us two) in my wallet. One of those moments, you're not sure if it was premonition or preparation, but I am glad I did!


~Leslie Lemke~ said...

Glad all is ok...sometimes it is weird why all this happens and then you find out how strong you can be!
Have a good day!

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Leslie! Miss chatting with you, I don't know where time goes! I wish I could figure a way to add more hours to each day! : )

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