Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vacation...Not So Much

This was our car.  It isn't any longer. : (
We were in a crash on Thursday while on vacation to visit family for my niece's graduation.  We were uninjured (aside from the bruises I received), but our car was totaled.  We had to rent a car to get back home on Sunday.  It was not a good vacation (nice to visit with family though).

Show season starts for us on Sunday, May 30th.  We will be at Prairie Loft in Hastings for Plein Air Art Event.  Stop out for the Pancake Breakfast at 10am and stay for the art demos from 11-4!


Carla said...

so sorry about your car, and so glad you are all okay. hope the bruises heal quickly.

best wishes for a very successful show!

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Carla! For something so devastating, things fell into place smoothly. Insurance settled yesterday!

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