Monday, April 26, 2010


Wow, were we busy at Julie's on Saturday!  Chris and I had a very good day of sales with his trunk show and Julie's was the hopping bead place!  It was awesome!  Thanks to all who came out to check out the new beads and now there are considerably fewer beads!  Still a great selection and more arriving, so stop in regularly to check out the beads! 


The Critter Company said...

So glad to hear that things went so well! Have a great week!


Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Jamie! I made some earrings with the smiley flowers and the pale blue daisy beads you made me! They have had great reviews with all I have shown, would you be interested in making some seasonal polymer beads for the beads store I work at for resale? Let me know what you think of the idea and I will chat with my boss.

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