Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Notes...

Another busy week flew by, and the weekend wasn't much slower.  I worked at Julie's on Saturday, making jewelry, answering questions, assisting customers, and hanging with the crew.  We were kept hopping with the quilters visiting for the spring Shop Hop, where they go around visiting different quilting shops as groups, and have a limited amount of time to shop at each.  Yesterday found us cleaning, replacing our cracked toilet (which was made in 1955 we found out after we replaced it), doing laundry, mowing and trimming, and having supper with my folks.  I also made some gorgeous prom jewelry.  This week finds us signing Mina up for detasseling (her late summer job), Mina has a track meet, I help at Julie's Thursday (we will be getting set up for the Taste of Home event at the fairgrounds, and getting ready for Open House on Saturday), and Chris will be making beads at Julie's all day Saturday while I attend our monthly seed bead meeting, and then help customers and make jewelry.  I hope to get pics of the prom jewelry and our clean house up soon!

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