Wednesday, February 17, 2010


  • Look at the beautiful bead mix Carla, of By C Boutique put together yesterday for springtime beading here.  Spring can't be far off. I saw Capris in the store on Sunday. GREAT news, unless you have seen my dry, scaly, pasty white legs.
  • Heard on NPR this morning, a honey bee can use one unit of fuel more efficiently than a car can.  No Kidding!  I am NOT a scientist, and I could have come up with that one!  Most animals and insects are way more efficient than any human or machine.  (Want more bee pics? I found this one here.)
  • My yard looks like an arctic tundra.  Warms up enough to thaw the ice puddles, but not enough to melt the snow, so you end up with bumpy, icy patches of snow.  They could do mogul skiing in our yard!
  • This is my fabulous new ring!  I MADE it Saturday at my class here.  Who knew you could file away your skin while filing sterling silver sheet metal!  Silver may be a softer metal, but it sure didn't seem like it!  I love my ring because it is based on a pattern that I doodle all the time.  It is all me!  The gal that taught me, was VERY talented and still in high school!  She had an amazing ring that she made with Rhodocrisite along with several others that were beautiful.
  • Will I be making more rings?  Doubtful, but I will be making metal free form design pendants.  I ordered the last of my equipment last night, so hopefully I will get them done for the Omaha Bead Show.
  • Finally, the sun is out this morning!  Yeah, sun!  Always happier when the sun shines!  Mina has Quiz Bowl today and tomorrow I get to go to Julie's in Hastings and help price the 200 lbs. of beads she carried back from the Tuscan Bead Show!

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