Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jack Frost Nipping At Our ... Landscape

We are all really tired of winter.  Working in retail, it gives me something to talk to customers about.  We all complain, and at this point, we have all just had enough.  However, that being said, there are small beauties in each season, which is why I love living where we do.  Today (Sunday), we were shopping and it was snowing (again!), but it was gentle and lovely.  The snowflakes fell in such a way, that you could see the shapes of them on your clothing for just a few brief seconds before they melted away.  No two were the same, but we had fun watching for the "perfect" snowflake shaped ones.  Small, brief miracles are all around us and amazing when we take the time to see them.  I found these amazing frosty/snowy landscape pictures on the camera when I was working tonight and wanted to share them.  I took the top left picture one morning at work at 7am (yes it is still dark at that time of day, this time of year).  It was snowing huge flakes and I love the effect of the flash on the snowflakes.

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