Thursday, December 31, 2009


Mina and I at the Zoo in Sept. 09.  This post is about me.
  • I was born Stephanie Ann Sanner in 1967.  I became Stephanie Ann Haussler in June 1991.  
  • I often don't give myself credit for how great I am.  I don't think the things I do are that big of a deal.  I support everyone else, leaving very little for myself.  I struggle with self esteem, due to issues while growing up (but then we all have those). 
  • I am a great Friend, good Wife, supportive Daughter, a devoted Aunt who works to stay cool to her Nieces and Nephews, a Mom of a nearly teenager with a great deal of love and anxiety for her daughter, a Worker who works hard to get her work done, but often fails, a Woman who has struggled all of her life with her weight and finally learning to love my body as it is, and a Person who fears dying to the point of near anxiety attacks at times. 
  • I am a girly girl in loving all things that SPARKLE and bright colors (also refered to as "Steph colors"), I love nail polish and having pretty fingernails (though not the acrylic variety, tough to bead and type with those), I love the BLING-tastic purse Chris and Mina gave me for my 42nd birthday in November, and I REALLY LOVE JEWELRY. 
  • I love making my own jewelry, I love buying fun, quirky jewelry, and I love wearing jewelry (though I am careful not to get carried away).  My latest purchases include earrings with metal frogs, and I now own two pair of owl earrings, I have also developed a love of bumblebees, so I see those being added soon.
I love: Chris, Mina, My Family, My Friends, Yoplait Cherry Orchard yogurt, Chocolate frosted Doughnuts (especially from Russ's IGA in Hastings), Popcorn, Beads, Books, Movies, Laughing, Video Games, my Nieces and Nephews, Spending Friday Nights Watching British Comedies on PBS, and Cats.
I dislike: Liars, Inconsiderate People, Most Nuts (including peanut butter and people), People Who Give You Gifts As If They Have Only Just Met You, People Who Don't Do Their Jobs, Pushy Salespeople, Telemarketers (what a waste of time on both ends), and LIMA BEANS.

I am going to work on giving myself more credit, being in patient with myself when I fail, finding humor EVERY day in some way, and LOVING myself more.  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!

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