Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! Resolutions and Me...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Ok, I know it isn't here quite yet, but we will be gone tonight and tomorrow morning.  We are celebrating with Chris's Dad and his wife Carol tonight.  Being the big partiers that we are, our party will involve eating food that is not great for us and lots of board games and laughter.  Mina has spent the week with Grandpa and Granny playing in the snow with her cousin in laws, building snow forts and tunnels in the massive snow drifts that have taken over Keith and Carol's garden and yard.

My New Year's Resolutions are being posted here to help me stay accountable to sticking with them.  I am much better at ideas than I am at follow-through.  So thanks to my work with a counselor for the past 3 years to work through my issues, I have better ideas to help me accomplish my goals.  So here we go:
1. Be more organized, have a cleaner house, and spend more time on the business end of our business.
Here is my plan to accomplish this goal.  Spend one hour each day, for the next 90 days (so that it becomes a habit), working on cleaning small areas in our house and working on our business/finances to be more organized.  I will make a small to do list each day for the cleaning, with one to three items on it and spend half an hour working toward that to do list.  This is my plan for making the cleaning happen without getting overwhelmed.  The other half hour will be spent posting checkbooks, writing the blog, tracking purchases, sales, and inventory at the various stores we sell at.  A half hour may not be enough time for this, but if I spread the chores out over the week I hope to accomplish what needs to be done.  As my friend Carla said the other day on her blog, it all starts with steps.  When in doubt where to start, just START.  Do something instead of letting the mess and chores overwhelm me so that I am completely unable to do anything, I will try to take the baby steps needed to accomplish my resolutions.  Stay tuned for updates!
Have a safe weekend, and may you be richly blessed in the New Year!

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